Client Reviews

An exceptional attorney who really cares.  Mrs. Ho represented me when I was sued for alleged breach of contract / covenant not to compete by my former employer. Not only did she work hard to successfully settle the lawsuit which enabled me to stay employed with my current company, but she also cared a lot and made herself available to me during this stressful period of my life. It was clear Mrs. Ho had a deep empathetic connection with me and my family. I would highly recommend Mrs. Ho for any contract disputes. She was amazing!  -- Kevin

Attorney Helen Ho gave me great representation in my employment case against a large healthcare provider. She listens to her clients and gives sound advice based on employment law and her personal experiences. I would highly recommend her to friends and family.  -- Healthcare professional client

I naturally tend to avoid conflict. I run from it in fact! When I was facing a difficult and potentially professionally damaging situation with my former employer, I knew that I could not navigate it on my own. That is why I reached out to Attorney Ho. She was able to express both the underlying and blatant concerns that I hesitated to share on my own. She was my advocate! She stood up for my rights as an employee during my entire severance negotiations. During the nearly week long process, Attorney Ho remained the calm in the center of the storm. She reassured and guided me each step along the way making certain that I was aware of as well as enacted my rights. By the end of the negotiations Attorney Ho was able to effectively nearly double the initial offer that I was presented with! I could not have done this with her!  -- Jen

Business Law Client.  Helen is a very detailed, customer-focused, and professional attorney. She wrote up a corporate contract for me and addressed my specific business needs. I have also consulted with her regarding employment law.
I cannot praise her enough, and will ABSOLUTELY work with her again and again.
I would recommend her in a heartbeat. 
-- Jamie