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Working with small and large for-profit and non-profit businesses, our firm is dedicated to providing detail oriented and individual legal services for each client at a reasonable price.

When you own a business it is important to protect yourself from unlimited personal liability, and also ensure you have the capacity to grow your business as you see fit.   Our firm listens to your individual and business goals and assists business owners with choosing an appropriate entity, contract drafting and negotiation, advising on contracts such as leases, purchase and sale agreements, management agreements, consulting and employment agreements, distribution agreements and all agreements by and between partners, shareholders and members.  We also help businesses navigate the complex world of the government, helping with a variety of everyday matters like licensing and zoning, to advocating for broad public policy protections for your company.

Business Incorporation

Choosing an entity relates to your personal goals and your business objectives.  We will walk you through this process and prepare all agreements (operating agreements, shareholders agreements and partnership or profit sharing agreements) by and between partners, shareholders and members.  We meet with you and your partners ensuring the controlling documents are what you need for future contingencies so you and your partners are prepared later.


Business Contracts and Negotiations

We work with you in creating contracts needed for your specific industry, including employment and management agreements, distribution agreements, merger and reorganization documents and all contracts which are pertinent for business cycles and as a stakeholder in your business.  We also review and comment on contracts given to you before you sign, so that your short and long term goals are considered.

Business Litigation

We represent small and large businesses on a variety of business and commercial lawsuits, including: breach of contract, tort-based business litigation (fraud, interference with contract, etc.), and employment litigation (wage and hour, discrimination, wrongful discharge, employment contract disputes, torts, unfair labor allegations). 

Human Resources

We work with businesses to support their workforce (permanent, contractors and consultants) and ensure compliance with employment laws.  We provide on-going, as-needed HR counsel and representation for select companies.  We also assist for-profit and non-profit companies with the creation of Personnel Manuals, HR policies, employment agreements and other documentation needed to support a company's workforce.  We urge you to contact us before you are facing legal problems regarding employees, contractors or taxing authorities. 


Government Issues and Relations

Dealing with an ordinance, code violation, business or professional licensing issue; complying with new legal requirements for healthcare or minimum wage; or seeking to rezone your property -- any problem, process or new policy related to the government can be overwhelming for many businesses.

Attorney Helen Kim has more than a decade of in-depth, ongoing experience lobbying and working with Georgia elected officials at the national, state, county and municipal levels.  With our experience and knowledge in both the private and public sectors, we know how to navigate government processes to achieve positive results for our clients.  We use our existing and evolving bipartisan relationships with elected officials, government agencies, and stakeholders to drive results.


Our services in this area include: drafting or negotiating any form or document needed for legal compliance; meeting with elected officials responsible for decision-making on an important business issue (zoning, etc.); advocating for a public policy helpful to your business or industry; monitoring industry-relevant legislation; and helping our clients expand their business through strategic connections.

Please contact us to schedule a low-cost initial consultation to assess your corporate needs.


Highlighted Corporate Matters

  • Pennzoil-Quaker State Company - Associate for $250 million dollar private placement and exchange of senior notes and delivery of $348 million credit facility

  • Kia Motors - lead Associate in an international (ICC) arbitration for Kia Motors Corp. in a dispute over a joint venture in Brazil

  • LyondellBassell - Associate on complex acquisition of subsidiary by the third largest chemical company in the world

  • Nextel Communications - Associate on secondary equity offering of 30 million shares of Nextel, and closing on $2 billion senior redeemable notes

  • Habitat for Humanity Houston - served as lead Human Resource Counsel for firm's probono client, Habitat for Humanity.

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