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Female Worker


HKH Law handles nearly every type of employment law matter for workers, including employment discrimination (age, race/nationality, gender, pregnancy, disability), retaliation, harassment, unemployment, employment contracts, etc. 


We also assist executives and key employees navigate the waters of transitioning out of old and into new employment relationships, with all of their attendant issues (including, for instance, negotiating severance, and drafting/negotiating new employment terms, etc.).

For employment matters that we handle on behalf of employers, please visit our Business Law Practice page.

We have a strong track record of getting positive results for our employment law clients.  We will zealously advocate for your interests and fight for the best possible results, while also providing caring counsel  to ensure you are informed and part of the decision-making process.

Please contact us to schedule a case assessment consultation.



Highlighted Employment Matters

  • Successfully appealed and reversed a denial of unemployment benefits claim, and later filed an age and national origin employment discrimination case on behalf of an Asian American senior against the largest grocery chain in the country.

  • Successfully filed a national origin discrimination case on behalf of three Latina workers against a large private university (

  • Favorable result for client in an age discrimination lawsuit against a large oil drilling company

  • Favorable result for client in a race discrimination lawsuit filed by three workers against national energy company

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